Sacramento Artificial Grass Ban Is No Longer Enforced

Sacramento Artificial Grass Ban Is No Longer Enforced

Although the city of Sacramento, CA, has a ban on artificial grass, the city isn't enforcing the ban anymore. The ban was created in 1984, and prohibits artificial grass from being installed in front yards (it's allowed in back yards). Back then artificial grass technology was in its incipiency and the turf looked tacky. But now the technology is cutting edge and looks just like real grass. Plus, it saves water. Both of these combined means that there's no good reason why artificial grass shouldn't be allowed in front yards.

City officials agree and say that they aren't enforcing the ban anymore. Sacramento District 4 Director Consuelo Hernandez says, "Currently artificial turf is prohibited by ordinance, however, given the current drought situation, it's not being actively enforced.

Residents are not required to have live turf in their front yard under city code, but if they want to deviate they can put in half concrete or rock or paver-type materials and half live vegetation such as shrubs, plants, trees. Again, if they install artificial turf in the front yard, which at this point there have only been a few homes doing this the last couple years, code is not being enforced."

Canada Homeowner Fights Town Over Artificial Grass Installation

A homeowner in Saint-Lazare, Montreal, is fighting a legal battle against the town over his artificial grass installation. The town's municipal court ruled in favor of the town earlier this year, but now the homeowner has appealed to a Quebec Superior Court.

The town originally launched legal action against the homeowner over the artificial grass when it was installed in 2013. The town was spurred to this after receiving complaints from neighbors, who felt that the artificial grass wasn't in accordance with the neighborhood's local ordinances. The mayor of the town has stated that the town's regulations clearly state that residential landscaping must be done with organic material, not artificial materials.

Since it violates their regulations, they have no choice but to enforce them. However, in the homeowner's appeal, the homeowner contends that an injustice was begotten by the first ruling, which ordered him to remove all of the artificial grass eventually. The homeowner thinks that the town is guilty of selective and biased enforcement of their laws, citing that the town allowed artificial grass to be installed in a nearby soccer field.

Artificial Grass Business Booming

Following Governor Jerry Brown's mandate that the state of California cut back its water use by 25%, the spotlight has been shone on artificial grass as the best option for California homeowners who wish to preserve their green lawns and still abide by the reduced water usage mandate. The mandate is the biggest water cutback in the state's history. The order prohibits cities from watering street medians and homeowners from using sprinklers.

The owner of a landscape management company in Marin County says that his business is booming. Many of his affluent clients in Marin County are still installing real sod, and some are averse to the idea of installing synthetic grass. However, he says that he bought an artificial grass installation business a few years ago, and since then it's become one of the largest components of his business.

In fact, he says he feels like a genius for buying the business now that real grass yards have become relics of a bygone era. Furthermore the state will replace 50 million acres of turf with drought tolerant landscaping through local government programs. Indeed artificial grass is the best service that lawn care and landscape management companies can add to their current services.

Jerry Brown Orders Water Restrictions

California has been ordered to cut back on their water usage by 25% per Gov. Jerry Brown's executive order. He says that California's drought has reached a point where water use reduction must be enforced. 90 percent of California's residents will be affected by this order.

The type of water use to be most affected by this order is the watering of lawns and gardens which constitutes the greatest source of unnecessary water use in the state. "The idea of your nice little green lawn getting watered every day, those days are past." Among the other directives of the order are to "Replace 50 million square feet of lawns throughout the state with drought tolerant landscaping in partnership with local governments."

Undoubtedly, much of these replacements will be synthetic turf. Synthetic turf allows the space to still be a beautiful green lawn and playable as such, but doesn't require any water. Synthetic lawn will be installed by homeowners who wish to keep their nice green lawns but who don't want to spend money on water and who want to avoid being fined by the water agencies. The era of synthetic grass has surely arrived.

Synthetic Turf Coming to Petaluma, CA

A park in Petaluma, CA, will receive a synthetic turf surface next month. The park will have three synthetic turf fields. The safety of synthetic turf is being questioned by some of the residents. Concerned residents say that they are worried about bacterial infections, heat conduction, physical injury and ill health effects from crumb rubber infill. One local high school athlete got a staph infection after scraping his elbow on synthetic turf at a camp in Berkeley, CA last summer.

However, doctors note that as long as synthetic turf surfaces are bleached regularly and cleaned with antimicrobial scrubs, the risks are much less than they are in a locker room. Concerning injuries, experts say that the risk of injury isn't increased by artificial turf per se, but rather by the size of the athlete's cleats.

Taller cleats are at higher risk of injury. With synthetic turf now installed, players can play on the field every day with no risk of deterioration to the field. This would have been unthinkable with natural grass, which would have required maintenance. Officials say that the benefits far outweigh the potential negatives.

Georgia High School Sings the Praises of Synthetic Turf

A Lee County High School in Georgia is benefitting heavily from the installation of synthetic turf in their sports field. The school's football coach says that the turf looks beautiful and perfectly manicured every, and his team gets valuable practice time in, even after rainy weather, because there's no mud or puddling with synthetic turf. Teams that have benefited are soccer teams, track and field teams, ROTC, and football.

The football team's coach also noted that there have been less injuries to his players since the synthetic turf was installed, because of lack of divots and ruts on synthetic turf. The coach says that all of the team school's teams from different sports can play on it consecutively day after day without any maintenance or damage to the turf.

The coach of the school's soccer team says that more than half the teams in their competitive division have synthetic turf installed, so having one themselves is imperative if they want to be competitive and win. Coaches also noted that most people who have a problem with synthetic turf being installed in high school sports fields don't have children who are actively involved in sports and therefore aren't able to appreciate its enormous benefits.

Connecticut High School to Install Synthetic Turf; New York School District to Vote on Synthetic Turf

Another city has recognized the boons that installing synthetic turf in their field can have. At a high school in Bloomfield, CT, the board of education approved installing synthetic turf in the sports field. The entire project will cost $1.24 million and will include resurfacing a track and a retaining wall repair. In reply to concerns that synthetic turf has been linked to carcinogens, the chairman of the board of education said that "there are no carcinogenic concerns" and that they would be presenting the reasons why in a presentation at a town council in April. Another benefit he said is that the high school's varsity, junior varsity and freshman football teams, the boys' and girls' soccer teams and the three youth football programs will all have unencumbered access to the fields if synthetic turf is installed. Also, a school district in Williamsville, New York, will vote on installing synthetic turf in sports fields at local high schools. The synthetic turf fields if installed will accommodate soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and football. The vote on the synthetic turf proposal will take place in May. The entire project, which includes numerous other renovations, would cost $22.4 million.

Encinitas Soccer League Lobbies for Synthetic Turf

A soccer league in Encinitas, CA, in San Diego County, are lobbying for synthetic turf fields. The league, the Encinitas Soccer League, has petitioned its 1,700 members to support their need for artificial turf and field lighting at their local sports park. The league says that they need synthetic turf in the field because it would increase the amount of playing time they could derive from the field exponentially. This is important because the league is facing the possibility of losing access to one of the, albeit privately owned, sports fields. The field, owned by the YMCA, has made plans to convert the field for another purpose which would mean that the team couldn't use the fields on the weekends or at nights, hurting their ability to practice and their morale, making them less competitive against other leagues. Installing synthetic turf at the field in question would maximize playing time and improve safety. The new synthetic turf surface would cost $700,000, but the maintenance would be inexpensive and minimal. Furthermore, the field could be opened during more days and months of the year. They currently have to close the fields 60 to 90 days a year, but with synthetic turf installed they wouldn't have to close it at all.

Middletown Township Votes on Synthetic Turf

A town in Middltown Township in Pennsylvania are voting on whether to install synthetic turf in one of the fields of one of their local high schools. The school board will vote on the decision this week. They hired an engineer to conduct a feasibility study comparing the synthetic turf surface option with natural turf.

One of the advantages of synthetic turf is that it increases usability by 900% that of natural turf. Natural turf only admits of 40 events per year, while synthetic turf surface would allow 400 events per year. This amount would make the field accessible to every club and team associated with the school, and would also allow them to rent the fields out to interested groups which would generate revenue for the entire community. According to the study, the cost of owning the field with natural turf over a ten year period would be $595,000. The cost of maintaining a synthetic turf surface on the other hand would cost $50,000 but the initial installation cost would be higher.

Another interesting observation by a board member was that historically with natural grass installed, the board has allowed groups to rent the fields out for free, costing taxpayers money.

School Sells Ad Space on Field to Pay for Synthetic Turf Surface

A high school in the city of Belleville, IL, were so keen on installing synthetic turf in their football fields that they had a portion of the cost paid for by selling ad space on the synthetic turf field itself. Having a synthetic turf surface on their football field is imperative if the team wants to stay competitive in high school football as it's becoming a norm in high school sports because of its many benefits. Namely, it allows the teams to practice more, and gives them the ability to practice on the kind of surface that they'll be encountering most of the time during away games. The synthetic turf surface cost $1.4 million. It was paid for from donations, fundraising and the ad space sold on the field itself. The advertisements will stay on the synthetic turf field surfaces for five years. And if an advertiser wants to remove their ad, all they have to do is cut it out and replace it with green turf. If your school is trying to replace their synthetic turf surface or install synthetic turf in the sports field for the first time, consider selling ad space on the field to raise a little bit of extra funding.

Global Syn-Turf Artificial Grass in San Diego, CA

San Diego is experiencing escalating drought conditions. In such times, the benefits of artificial grass are illuminated and more and more homeowners begin to install it. If you live in the San Diego area, one artificial grass company whose products have been tried and repeatedly put to the test is Global Syn-Turf. Their artificial grass San Diego warehouse is located at 12215 Kirkham Rd, San Diego, CA 92064. Not only are their products proven, but we also recommend them because of their excellent and attentive customer service. You can drive by the warehouse and pick up samples whenever you'd like, and if you're getting some artificial grass shipped to a location from the warehouse, you can call them at (858) 486-7333, and they always know precisely where your shipment of artificial grass is and approximately how long it will take to get to your shipment location. Hear at, we've experienced a number of artificial grass San Diego companies in recent years, and none are as strong and consistent as what we've experienced when working with Global Syn-Turf's San Diego artificial grass services. We've also hear good things from artificial grass installers in the Los Angeles area. Their artificial grass Los Angeles warehouse is located at 6319 Chalet Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90040.

Artificial Grass Proliferates Amid California Drought

Looks like the popularity of artificial grass will continue to thrive and grow as California has made their water use restrictions more stringent. The use of artificial grass is already exploding and now artificial grass installers and suppliers can look forward to even more business. California's water restrictions include: 1. Washing vehicles without shot-off nozzles is prohibited 2. Spraying the sidewalk and driveway with water is prohibited 3. Runoff of irrigation water in backyards is prohibited 4. Restaurants are no longer allowed to serve water unless explicitly requested 5. Hotels must ask guests if they'd like to leave their linens unwashed 6. Lawns are no longer allowed to be watered during or for 48 hours after a rain storm In addition to these restrictions, in Los Angeles there are rebates which give $2 for every square foot of turf that homeowners replace with artificial grass. And in San Diego, a new bill has been proposed which would allow artificial grass in areas governed by homeowners associations. Thus, as the drought and fear of the drought's consequences as well as prudent planning in anticipation of dwindling water resources will force organizations and individuals to adopt or at least tolerate artificial grass as an effective water shortage remedy.

How to Solve Water Dilemma In One Step?

For the first time since 2000 smog is not the leading environmental concern among Californians, based on a Public Policy Institute of California survey. It's water. Since sixty per cent of a routine home's water usage is for outdoors and majority of outdoor water goes to yards, synthetic turf is getting a terrific choice for real turf during the drought in the 1990's in Ca, today the desire for this is greater than ever. So as to fight with the famine efficiently more than 60 percent of a routine residential house's water use goes to lawns, changing real yards to other low-water or synthetic grass requiring plantation becomes almost certain. Gleneagles is a challenging course in San Francisco, Ca that has been fighting care. This greens that was special has lasted several economical issues, yet the latest increase in water rates has caused the course operator to consider closing the class. Utilizing artificial grass in golf course may be a good idea. Despite the fact that the first cost may be high, but when people carefully calculate today's water cost along with maintenance price on turf that is real offered considerations of that synthetic grass can withstand significantly more use than normal turf, it may possibly merely worthwhile! California isn't the only condition with famine problems. In TX, companies that make or install artificial lawns are having a growth in business, because of the famine-like conditions and watering limitations in many Northern Texas cities. Right as there are famine limitations, watering restrictions, or an ordinance such as the City of Texas two-times a week limitation, it really only makes the artificial turf industry explode.

Why Install Artificial Grass in Your Backyard?

So far as artificial grass go, East Coast and Midwest is at least five years behind west shore, and the remaining part of the nation is even farther behind. Why? The western states are in a desert zone, like California, or in a drought, like Nevada and Arizona. Drought and desert climate have been the primary driving force in western states. On the east shore to lots of lawn setup companies that are synthetic, along with the rest of the nation, it's about preparing and advising people of what's available and the public. Most just don't understand, mind sets on the east coast goes back to grandma's front porch products, unless you are in the industry only do not know,. Companies need advise the sale with be the byproduct, educate and to inform their staff, rather than sales. Water conservation can be a concern in anywhere else and many east coast states. The company considers the artificial grass industry will continue its increase at a rapid rate nationally for numerous reasons, the time element regarding care, the flexibility of the product variety particularly where there are accessibility or climate-related problems and the fact that once it's down you have 'instant green' - certainly a factor for a lot of people in these busy times.

How to Install Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic lawn providers like Global Syn-Turf, Inc. has several providers nationally. It is not difficult to buy their lawn products as well as all of of the necessary add-ons through an identical provider in your area. Synthetic turf is not light weight-wise! It requires someone to help you with the heavy-lifting. 

Second, you must let the grass acclimate by moving away it under sunlight at least 1-2 hours. This may allow it to be more easy to perform with.

The appropriate foundation is essential for an effective setup, select the next link for details on the best way to construct an excellent foundation for synthetic turf assemble.

To set up the synthetic turf, follow the steps under:

Lay grass out onto place and foundation where desired.

Using a carpet blade/razor blade, cut grass that is excessive off from factors (3 stitches in on the back-side).

Cut on grass (on back-side) to suit place.

Secure one end of 5 or 60D or D Bright Common nails, 6 inches long, spread 3-4 inches apart across the borders. Elongate grass and batten with claws as you go across to the end that is reverse. Put a nail every 12-24 ins for the duration of every 3 and middle -4 inches across the border.

Seaming tape and EasySeam device must be employed to fasten stitches. Use recording length-wise to turf's underside aspect, coating the lawn borders up with the lemon outlines. Utilize the adhesive to be activated by EasySeam device .

Don't counter bury staples. 

Notice: Be certain the stitches are exact and tight, the turf's materials entirely is facing in exactly the same course, and the area is just like the gauge that is sewing. Grass that was after is installed, before using in-fill electricity sweeper.

Use in-fill onto grass utilizing a drop spreader. Distribute in-fill as equally as possible using a rating rake or broom till in-fill forms in to the turf's foundation.

Notice: Never use normal mud for in-fill.

Power or palm brush again to ensure the blades are standing upright.

Use carpeting scissors to cut off the grass blades that are extreme.

Clear the place that is surrounding with a sweeper or a blower.

If the setup seems overly complicated for you, you should not attempt it-yourself, there are a number of excellent installment businesses who provides excellent solutions at prices that are affordable. It is possible to consistently get the details about such installment businesses through Global Syn-Turf, Inc